“Football match of the ages”-Yannis Gaitis

Artist: Gaitis Giannis


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“Football match of the ages” – Colour collector’s lithograph engraved and signed by Yannis Gaitis.

Comes with a certificate of authenticity.

  • Theme dimensions: 48 x 67,5 cm.
  • Work of 1971.
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“Football match of the ages” – Yannis Gaitis

Collector’s colour lithograph engraved and signed by Giannis Gaitis.

“Football match of the ages” – Yannis Gaitis | Accompanied by a certificate of authenticity.

  • Theme dimensions: 48 x 67,5 cm.
  • Work of 1971.

Giannis Gaitis (1923-1984) was a Greek painter, engraver and sculptor. He is known for the “Little People”, figures who do not have individual characteristics and have identical clothing with a striped suit and hat. Special feature in protest of the massification of modern man.

He initially studied at the School of Fine Arts and then to Paris. Among his teachers was Konstantinos Parthenis. In 1954 he went to Paris to complete his studies at the School of Fine Arts and the Grande Chaumiere Academy. He also organized exhibitions in Athens and the French capital, where he settled with his wife, Gabriela Simosi. He took part in several solo and group exhibitions, both in Greece and abroad. In 1967 he presented for the first time “Anthropakia”, the feature of his work. He dealt with this feature in the following decades, making it a kind and means of irony and social criticism. Gradually, from 1975 the stylized forms multiplied and consolidated resulting in the creation of human landscapes ​​. He died in July 1984, a few days after the opening of the retrospective exhibition of his work at the National Gallery of Athens.
  • Lithography is a printing technique which was invented around 1798 by A. Senefelder (Alois Senefelder). He relied on the fact that water and fatty substances never mix.
  • The theme or performance is drawn with greasy chalk on stone (porous limestone) or tin plate. It is then dried. When water runs on the designed surfaces, the greasy ink “catches” only in the places that are engraved and not in the wet stone.

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