“Girl with flute”-Giorgos Stathopoulos

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“Girl with flute” -Copy of a work of art by George Stathopoulos.

  • Paper dimensions: 50 x 70 cm
  • Image dimensions: 40 x 60 cm

140 x 93.33

Poster on *Satin or *Gloss paper weighing 250 grams with intense and photographic color rendering. Printing with odorless ecological inks without additives and heavy. It is designed to provide images with high printability, color density, and image sharpness. Ideal for printing photo albums, capturing artwork. *Environmentally friendly paper is made from wood that comes from FSC (Forest Stewardship Council, the most recognized forest certification system worldwide) according to strict criteria of environmental and social sustainability.
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“Girl with flute”-Giorgos Stathopoulos

Copy of a work of art by George Stathopoulos.

“Girl with flute”-Giorgos Stathopoulos

  • Paper dimensions: 50 x 70 cm
  • Image dimensions: 40 x 60 cm

George Stathopoulos is a Greek contemporary painter. He studied painting and sculpture (1966-1971) at the Athens School of Fine Arts. with teachers Giannis Moralis, Nikos Nikolaou, Giannis Pappas and Dimitris Kalamaras. In 1970 he made his first solo exhibition in Athens. He has also participated in many solo and group exhibitions in Greece and abroad. He has also illustrated a series of books, phonograph records and posters. His work moves in the area of Greekness and combines surreal and expressionist elements in a simplistic writing.

In painting he received fruitful influences from the ancient Greek aesthetics and from modern currents. These allowed him to form a personal style. Landscapes natural or imaginary, depictions of animals and birds but mainly connections where naked human figures predominate. With the obvious projection of sensuality that results from the lazy posture of the female body, as well as allegorical compositions, constitute its subject matter.

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