Artist’s Curriculum Vitae

Vassilakis Panagiotis (TAKIS)

Panagiotis Vassilakis, better known mainly by his artistic pseudonym Takis (29 October 1925, Athens – 9 August 2019, Athens) was a Greek sculptor. He is considered one of the most important representatives of the contemporary art scene and kinetic art, in which he was a pioneer, both because of the materials and techniques he used and because of the ideas he transmitted.

He was self-taught by conviction, and through research, study and experimentation he managed to become one of the innovators of sculpture, basing his artistic expression and creativity on the functional use of natural laws. Light, but also motion in all its forms – mechanical, electromechanical, thermo-mechanical, thermal, magnetic, hydrodynamic – are elements that constitute the core of his work.

Taki’s autobiography has been published twice. The first one was published in Paris in 1961 by Julliard with the title “Estafilades”. It was published in Greek in 2005 by Fereniki Publications under the title “Takis”.