Tsosits Ntragkisa

Ntragkisa Tsosits was born in 1951 in Negotin, Serbia. But for years he has been a Greek, since he lives in our country, he is inspired by the images here and transforms them into works of art with the tool of engraving. This is what he does in the exhibition “Dream Injections”, which was inaugurated yesterday at the bookstore of “Janos”.

Guided by etching, etching and colour, he presents sensual works open to experience. Tsosits’s creations transport us to a world of forms and thoughts both simple and complex at the same time, as is life, as is the dream.
The artist uses only a few warm colours, baked ochre, ombre, a composition of blue and red, usually one within the other, and thus achieves the desired colour. But in each print he leaves a little “open door” for some new adventure.
Tsosits studied printmaking at the Novisad School of Fine Arts under Khalil Tikveza and Zivko Jack and perfected his printmaking with postgraduate studies in Belgrade. He is a member of the Association of Serbian Painters (printmaking section) and since 2008 he is a member of the Art Chamber of Greece. Since 1968 he has presented his works in dozens of group and solo exhibitions, from Vienna to Athens, while apart from engraving he is also engaged in painting and drawing. Inspired by the tragedy of the Serbian people, he performed four shows in Belgrade and one in Thessaloniki, and on the occasion of these shows he directed the documentaries “I give my life, I don’t give Krajina”, “I can’t take it anymore”, “Where is the man?” (in Greek; Camera: Michalis Moursiotis), “Conclusion”.