Razis Angelos

He studied painting and printmaking at the Athens School of Fine Arts (1968-1973) with N. Nicholaou and K. Grammatopoulos. During the period 1973-1980 he lived in Mithymna, Lesvos, where he studied hagiography, and in Troyes, France, where he studied Western art.

His painting moves in the context of realism and is distinguished by the purity of his expressive means, the naturalness and directness of description. He draws his inspiration from experiential situations and from his familiar environment. Interiors, which often open up into landscapes, still lifes and everyday utilitarian objects, Mayan wreaths, tombs, yellowed photographs, flowers, fruits, old lace, dolls, children’s toys, etc. arranged in a sparse but calculated arrangement on the floor of his studio form the theme of his works, which he renders with a strict, frontal composition, emphasis on details and textures, precise drawing and subtle tonal gradations of warm, mainly warm colours.

It gradually imposes a metaphysical atmosphere with symbolic implications, intensified by the nostalgic mood, the sense of mental calm, the poetic use of light, and the stillness of the figures.