Artist’s Curriculum Vitae

A child of the post-war generation, Dimitris Geros was born in Livadia in 1948. He starts painting before he even goes to school.
From the age of 13 she starts going to Athens and watching her artistic movement. In the same year he met his compatriot, writer Lilika Nakou, who brought him in contact with artistic circles in Athens.
In 1967 he made the first non-fiction works. Two of them qualified after a relevant competition for the exhibition of the Hellenic American Union.
In 1969 he founded the Experimental Stage in Livadia.
In 1971 he left for Europe to study museums. He ends up in London, where he settles. He makes the first surreal works.
In 1972 he took over the direction of the artistic department of the Ceramic industry and remained in this position until 1974.
In 1977 he made a color autobiographical film entitled Yeros by Yeros. His photography arouses interest and creates works
photo series. Photopoem is released by Fyllo. At the same time, he enjoys composing music, with scores of his own inspiration, and making sculptural objects.
His explosive creativity was expressed visually in painting, sculpture and engraving. Also, on stage and in costumes for theatrical performances (among them for Aristophanes’ “Hens” in 1979 and for Sartre’s “In Closed Doors” in 1989). Finally, in poetry (in 1976 the “Shining Bathtub” was published by Kastaniotis Publications), in the art of photography (in 1998 the book “Theory of Nudity” was published by Planodion Publications) and in the design of medals.
Throughout this journey, his works have been presented in 53 solo and group exhibitions in Greece and abroad, Biennale and Triennale, of which the most famous are Oxford University, Indiana (Ball State Gallery), Bochum (Bochum Museum) in Germany and Michigan (Kelsey Museum) in the USA. He has also participated in numerous group exhibitions at the Biennale and Triennial in most parts of the world.