Artist’s Curriculum Vitae

Agelidis Paschalis

Paschalis Agelidis was born in Alexandroupolis in 1955. He worked in the theatre as a painter, set designer and costume designer. He worked with stage designers: F. Patrikalakis, T. Zografos, N. Stefanou, K. Kopanitsas, G. Ziakas, A. Sarantopoulos, Olga-Maria and the directors: Έ. Βασιλικιώτη, Κ. Μπάκα, Β. Κυρίτση, Σ. Τσακίρη, Δ.Παπασταμάτη, Γ. G. Exarcho, P. Glykofrydis, K. Efraimidis.

Directed and organized the art events at the annual Festival of Makrinitsa Pelion and the Art Routes of Nea Ionia Volos
and collaborated with the painters Angelo, Paul Acciari, Zan Paul Cleren, Masasuke Chiba, C. Stathopoulos, Th. Pantaleon, C. Αδαμάκη, Α.Ξάνθου, με τους γλύπτες Κ. Βαρώτσο, Α. Φανακίδη, Δ. Φόρτσα, Γ.Παρμακέλη, Ά. Καρατζά, Σ. Γαβαλά, Β. Voulgaris.
He has designed the covers of the music productions: 1994 “Melina’s Greece” by Stavros Xarchakos, 1995 “Drum, trumpet and red confections” by Yannis Xanthoulis and Thanasis Gaifillia. He has collaborated with the publishing houses Melissa, Ankyra, Nea Synora, Militos, Interpublicitas, Contact S.A.
He has participated in Art Athina 1998 Prisma Gallery, Art Athina 2014 Artower Gallery, Art Athina 2015 Artower Gallery, Art Expo 2011 Artion Galleries New York, South Hampton Art Hamptons 2012 Artion Galleries, Miami Red Dot Art Fair 2011 Artion Galleries. He has exhibited his works, in Greece and abroad, at Mihalarias Art Kifisia, Gallery Rarity, Gallery Kostas Karras, Gallery Ersi, Mikro Cafe, Lefakis Gallery, Sianti Gallery, Benaki Museum, Museum of the City of Athens, Vorres Museum, Pierides Gallery, E. Averoff, Creonidis Gallery, Epipeda Gallery, Selini Gallery Kifisia, Icon Gallery London, Wigmor Fine Art London, The Hellenic Center London, Artower London, Estec Fine Art Club Nordyik Amsterdam, Selini Gallery Leiden, Wayne Art Center Philadelphia, Ethel Sergeant Clark Smith Gallery Philadelphia, Fine Art Taj Mahal Atlantic City, Select Gallery East Hampton, Manfred & Terry Huffman Gallery New York, Artion Galleries New York, Official Residency of the Governor of Tokyo, Nukaga Gallery Tokyo, Hilton Art Gallery Nicosia, Opera House Cairo.

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